What is WordPress maintenance?

What are WordPress care and maintenance?

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WordPress maintenance is a series of activities that you need to perform periodically to keep your website up and running and secure.

Outsource website maintenance

How to Know it’s Time to Outsource WordPress Website Maintenance

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WordPress website care and maintenance is a game that requires constant attention, learning, and adapting. New technologies come and go, there are new bugs to be fixed, updates to be made, hackers to be kept out. Many website owners think…

WordPress - Update, wait, ignore

Update, wait, ignore?

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How to deal with WordPress updates? If you’ve been using WordPress for more than a month, you’ve probably heard about updates at least once. These are updates for plugins, themes, or WordPress core. The software is constantly developed, new functions…

The Cost of Downtime for Websites

The Cost of Website Downtime

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Your website is the shopfront of your business, and internet users instantly want it to load when they click on it. Most users expect a website to load in less than two seconds. Even a one-second delay in loading can…

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Fire in the server room – why do you need independent backup.

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We are dividing site owners into those who are backing up their websites and those who will do it (usually after an accident). However, when we talk to clients, we often hear that they do not have their website backups.…

Image to the article "Why are WordPress Backups Important?"

Why are WordPress Backups Important?

Published Estimated reading time: 11 minutes

Performing regular backups is crucial to WordPress security and critical to your business. A WordPress website is a complex environment, and website backups and restores are complicated procedures for an inexperienced user.  In article: What is a WordPress backup? In…

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Why is WordPress Website Care Important?

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Your website is like a shopfront for your business. And like a shopfront, it needs regular care and maintenance to ensure it’s not “gathering dust”. Too many website owners think that the work is done once their website is live,…