WordPress care team at work

What is WordPress care?

Published Estimated reading time: 17 minutes

WordPress care is a series of activities you need to perform periodically to keep your website up and running and secure.

Image to the article "Why are WordPress Backups Important?"

How to back up a WordPress site?

Published Estimated reading time: 22 minutes

Performing regular backups is crucial to WordPress security and critical to your business. A WordPress website is a complex environment, and website backups and restores are complicated procedures for an inexperienced user. 

Contact Form 7 (CF7) WordPress plugin

How to process data sent with a form Contact Form 7

Published Estimated reading time: 8 minutes

Contact Form 7  is the most popular WordPress plugin for quickly creating forms that you can place on a website. It is fast, safe and fulfils its role. What’s more – thanks to the clever use of filters and actions, it…

How to insy=tall Facebook Pixel on WordPress site?

How to install Facebook (Meta) Pixel on a WordPress site?

Published Estimated reading time: 17 minutes

What is Facebook Pixel currently Meta Pixel, and how does it work? Facebook Pixel is a tracking code that you can use from a Facebook Business account to embed into your site. The data collected with the Facebook pixel can…

WordPress Accessibility Day 2022

WordPress Accessibility Day 2022

Published Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

The WordPress Accessibility Day community was incredibly supportive, with sponsors, speakers, volunteers, and attendees coming together to make the event a success.

Don't justify text for online

Why shouldn’t we justify text online?

Published Estimated reading time: 11 minutes

Key takeaways – justifying text online Justifying text online is a bad practice that creates problems for readers. The best practice is to align text to the left side, even if it sometimes creates a ragged right edge of the…

Login hiding in WordPress

Why is login hiding weak security in WordPress?

Published Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Are WordPress sites secure? Login hiding is not an excellent strategy to secure your website. It is even worse when you do this by installing plugins that hide or change the login addresses. Even if your website isn’t currently under…

Outsource website maintenance

WordPress Maintenance Outsourcing.

Published Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

When It’s Time To Do It and Why? WordPress website care and maintenance is a game that requires constant attention, learning, and adapting. New technologies come and go, and there are new bugs to be fixed, updates to be made,…

WordPress - Update, wait, ignore

Update, wait, ignore?

Published Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

How to deal with WordPress updates? If you’ve been using WordPress for more than a month, you’ve probably heard about updates at least once. These are updates for plugins, themes, or WordPress core. The software is constantly developed, new functions…