A backup is a copy of computer data taken and stored elsewhere. You can use this backup to restore the original data after a data-loss event. 

In information technology, a backup or data backup is a copy of computer or website data that has been taken and stored elsewhere. You can use this to restore the original after a data-loss event. 

WordPress website backup is a data backup copy of all files and databases.

Why should I backup my website?

Creating data backups is essential to ensure you can recover from a data loss event. A backup can also be helpful if you migrate your site to a new host or platform.

How do I backup my website?

There are many ways to create backups, and you should choose the method that best suits your needs. You can create backups manually or use a backup plugin. Manual backups require more work but give you more control over the backup process. 

Backup plugins automate the backup process and can be configured to create backups on a schedule. There are many backup plugins available for WordPress. Some backup plugins are free, while others are premium. Free backup plugins typically have fewer features than premium backup plugins. When choosing a backup plugin, you should consider your needs and budget. 

When creating a backup, you should consider what data you need to backup and how often you need to backup this data. You should backup your data at least once a week to ensure you have a recent backup in case of data loss. 

How often should I backup my website?

How often you backup your WordPress website depends on how continually the site is updated. If your site is updated frequently, you may want to backup the site daily or weekly. If your site is not updated often, you may only need to back up the site monthly or yearly.

My hosting already does backups. Why do I need to do it? 

Many WordPress hosts provide site backup as part of their service and often an automatic backup schedule (e.g. cPanel backup, web host backup etc.). However, relying on an organisation with no vested interest in your company or business is not recommended. Even the biggest hosting providers can have catastrophic failures where they lose all their data, sometimes irrecoverably due to a natural disaster or fire.

Can WordPress backups be automated?

Automation is a great timesaver, but it is good practice to check it periodically to ensure everything is working correctly. Cron tasks and scripts can automate your backup procedure from the server side. They consume your server resources. You should check with your hosting provider to see how often you can schedule cron tasks. Some of the WordPress plugins also have inbuilt automation capabilities.

WordPress backups are included in all WordPress care plans.